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PAL sends inventor of SALt lamp to US

Aisa Mijeno, who invented a lamp powered by salt water, and her brother Raphael attended the recent Global Grand Challenge Awards held in California, United States.

They were flown in by Philippine Airlines in recognition of their exceptional talents.

The event brought together talented group of scientists, technologists, designer and other passionate change agents with the potentials to tackle the Global Grand Challenge and present innovative solutions that impact billions of lives.

The Grand Global Challenges’ perspectives include assurance that basic needs are met for all people, quality of life is sustained and continuously improving, and mitigating future risks.

Aisa is the inventor of the SALt lamp, an LED light powered by salt water, a cheap and convenient source of energy for indigent communities in the coastal areas.

Together with her brother Raphael, Aisa founded the Sustainable Alternative Lighting (SALt), a social movement that aims to provide alternative lighting solutions.

Last year, Aisa was commended by American President Barack Obama during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in Manila.

The two Filipinos were chosen by Silicon Valley’s Singularity University from a number of applicants worldwide to participate in the Energy Track of the Global Grand Challenge Awards.

“We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Philippine Airlines for supporting us to represent the country to participate in the Global Grand Challenge Awards. This opened so many doors for us,” Aisa said.

Now on its 75th year, PAL launched its flagship corporate social responsibility program, Represent Pinoy, to support exceptional individuals chosen to represent the country in global competitions.