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Nathalie Hart: The fire inside

nathalie-hartTHE FIRE INSIDE – They say that when good girls go bad… they are very good. The saying – or theory – is good good girls have this dormant fire inside waiting to be lighted up. Enter Nathalie Hart who, to the surprise of director Joel Lamangan and leading men Luis Alandy and Joem Bascon, sizzles in “Siphayo,” produced by Baby Co.

Nathalie surmised she’d remain a starlet forever if she didn’t do something “drastic,” that is bare and dare before the camera. She really gave it all, throwing all inhibitions to the wind.

Well, “Siphayo” may well be called Nathalie’s baptism of fire in the erotic-drama genre, her ascent to stardom, her launching vehicle.

Needless to say, co-actors Luis and Joem, Alan Paule, and Maria Isabel Lopez are no neophytes in the undressing game.

LAMANGAN TOUCH – It is Nathalie’s good fortune that Joel Lamangan is her director in “Siphayo.” Before Brillante Mendoza and Lav Diaz, Joel won honors in international filmfests, among best picture and actress (Nora Aunor) for “Flor Contemplation” at the Cairo International Film Festival, the biggest cinema event in the Arab World.

He gave awards, in a manner of speaking, to then new actresses Ara Mina, Angelu de Leon, Donna Cruz, and Glydel Mercado. Note that Glydel won a grand slam for “Sidhi,” best supporting actress tropies from Urian, Star, FAMAS, and Academy Awards.

With Joel on top, Nathalie is confident all those erotic and nude scenes in “Siphayo” will come out well. So no plasters, please.

Typically Joel, “Siphayo” has a social (political?) message, the conversion of agricultural lands into giant malls all over the country.

SPEEDY NOTES – Kris Aquino is said to be the real “And Babaeng Humayo.” She left ABS-CBN and signed up with Tony Tuviera, who’s identified with GMA’s “Eat Bulaga.” Come to think it, Mr. Tuviera has also a movie outfit. Perhaps his director son, Mike Tuvierra, could direct Kris in a movie. Mike directed the acclaimed thriller “The Janitor” and the blockbuster “Imagine You and Me.”…Dr. Boy Abunda’s “Inside the Cinema Cirle” on Cinema One is always instructive and interesting. Please make it more often and not every now and then… When will “Yes!” magazine come up with this monumental “100 Greatest Filipino Films”?