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Next ‘Tokhang’ target: Call centers

The Philippine National Police (PNP) will be targeting call centers in its enhanced anti-drugs operations which is currently being crafted by the top police leadership.

Director General Ronald dela Rosa, PNP chief, said call centers are among the priority areas for anti-illegal drugs education and prevention to maximize the remaining time of their six-month deadline, as well as the six-month extension requested by President Duterte.

“Yung mga call center agencies, kasama yan sa mga target natin. I-Tokhang natin yan,” said Dela Rosa in an interview over ABS-CBN News Channel.

Under Oplan Tokhang, policemen would visit the houses of suspected drug pushers and users to encourage them to refrain from engaging further in illegal drugs activities.

The same concept was expanded to include visitation in exclusive subdivisions, amid criticisms that the current anti-drugs operations are anti-poor.

Aside from call centers, also included are schools, malls, terminals and other public places, according to Dela Rosa.

“We will also include in our prevention programs out of school youth, jails and workplaces,” said dela Rosa.

Police officials said the focus on workplaces and schools is more of a preventive measure, educating the people of the harmful effects of illegal drugs. (Aaron Recuenco)