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Terror won’t go away – Duterte

The threat of terrorism is “here to stay” and yet no force could effectively stop the menace, President Duterte admitted last Tuesday.

The President gave a candid assessment on the security threat as he warned the Philippines and two other Asian countries would likely be the next battleground in the fight against terrorism.

“Mark my word, maybe during my presidency or after but terrorism is here to stay,” the President said in his remarks before government troops at the Philippine Army headquarters in Taguig City.

“There seems to be no force, influence – forceful influence or even konting nakita ko in the horizon na pwedeng pumigil sa kanila,” the former Davao City mayor added.

Duterte also said terrorists are looking for new frontier after being relentlessly attacked in the Middle East by the United States and other Western allies.

“Ang kanilang mundo doon, paliit nang paliit na eh. Because of the participation of Russia and the United States and France and Britain. Eh by share weaponry ta-lagang pinulpos sila doon,” Duterte said.

“From what I just basa-basa and talks with the intelligence community of the other countries, especially in the Middle East, mukhang naghanap ito sila ng bagong frontier. And I think na ang susunod nito would be Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines,” he added.

The President admitted that some extremists are now in the country calling themselves “militants” instead of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). He said Arab scholars have been roaming in Davao City preaching “not religious things but the historical hurt ng Muslim world.” (GENALYN D. KABILING)