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‘Karelasyon,’ ‘Wagas’ air Halloween Specials

TOMORROW, stories proving that even tikbalang and engkanto are no match to true love are featured in the first salvo of the Halloween Special series of “Karelasyon” and “Wagas”.

On GMA-7’s “Karelasyon,” Philip Salvador is a father who offers himself to a spirit to save his son.

Andrei (Philip) is an OFW who brings his son Bien (Mikoy Morales), a special child, to the province.

While in a forest to catch iguanas, they stumble upon a cave. Apparently, a forest spirit or engkanto dwells inside.

Andrei offers himself to the forest spirit. A series of mysterious events starts happening to their family.

Joining Philip and Mikoy are Sharmaine Arnaiz, Lou Veloso.

Meanwhile, GMA News TV’s “Wagas” features Mercedes Cabral with Kapuso hunks Dion Ignacio and Jak Roberto.

Rody, Dion’s character, is married to Jodie (Mercedes). The couple lives in a remote area in Quezon. While doing her laundry in the river, Josie meets Jonathan (Jak), a mysterious man. For strange reasons, Josie seems to always find herself attracted to the river where she and Jonathan constantly meet.

Unseen by Rody, Josie sees a man who transforms into a horse when evening comes.

“Karelasyon” with Carla Abellana airs after “#LIKE” on GMA 7, while “Wagas” airs 7 p.m. on GMA News TV.