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NBA: Rose’s accuser

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – A woman accusing NBA star Derrick Rose and two friends of rape took the stand in her $21.5 million lawsuit against the New York Knicks guard, who arrived in court during her testimony.

The 30-year-old woman paused when Rose, wearing a black suit and diamond earring, entered the US District Court in Los Angeles.

She became emotional as she described Rose and two other men entering her apartment uninvited while she slept and taking turns sexually assaulting her.

Although her recollection of the alleged assault in August of 2013 appeared fractured, the woman said she remembers Rose “undressed … at the edge of my bed,’’ and Ryan Allen “on top of me’’ and Randall Hampton also “undressed … near my bed.’’

She testified under questioning by her own attorney and was expected to be cross-examined Thursday afternoon by lawyers.