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‘Go to hell,’ Du30 tells human rights groups

Human rights defenders could “all go to hell” as the government carries out a relentless anti-drug campaign for the sake of the nation’s “self-preservation,” President Duterte said last Thursday.

The President refused to back down from his lethal crackdown on the illegal drug trade despite drawing flak from local and foreign critics, saying he has done nothing illegal when he threatened to kill criminals in his public remarks.

“I would like to just give an advice to the all human rights shouting now local and international, I said you can all go to hell,” the President said during a police camp visit in Butuan City.

“It is never, never wrong for a President and the police and the military to protect its citizens. It is self-preservation,” he added.

The President also directed the police anew to “go out and hunt” for the drug pushers in the country, assuring them that he would protect them all the way. He authorized them to shoot the suspect if he resists arrests or the lawmen’s lives are placed in danger.

“Arrest them kung pwede kaya pa but if they offer a violent resistance at naalanganin na ang buhay mo, p****** i**, huwag kang magpakamatay, patayin mo ang h*****,” he said.

“I will protect you. I will not allow a single policeman doing his duty go into prison,” he said.
(Genalyn D. Kabiling)