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Erap on drug war: Don’t single out showbiz people

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has called on the Philippine National Police (PNP) to expand the war against illegal drugs to other professions and organizations where prohibited drugs are prevalent.

Estrada, a former veteran actor, also asked not to single out showbiz personalities amid the crackdown on actors who are into drugs.

“Well, lahat naman ng personalities, ‘di lang mga artista. May mga mayor, barangay chairman, may mga abogado pa. Bakit sine-single out mga artista,” Estrada said.

Estrada further said that in various professions there are people involved in illegal drug activities.

“May mga sundalo pa, pulis pa. What can you say about that?,” the mayor said.

Estrada reiterated that in the war against illegal drugs, there are no “untouchables” whether they are top government officials, professionals, law enforcers, or high-profile personalities.

He likewise urged all senators, congressmen, mayors, and other government officials to cooperate.
(Betheena Kae Unite)