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Senators hope Duterte will heed Ramos’ advice

Senators yesterday are skeptical whether President Rodrigo Duterte would be humble enough to heed former President Fidel V. Ramos’ advice but are hopeful the Chief Executive would take it upon himself to accept constructive criticisms offered to him by persons he respect the most.

Senate minority leader Ralph Recto said he agrees with President Ramos’ strongly worded assessment of the President’s first 100 days which he wrote in his column for the Manila Bulletin.

“President Duterte should follow his advice to tone down his cursing, insults and use civilized language. The President should rethink his foreign policy direction of throwing away decades of military partnership and friendship with the US,” Recto said echoing Ramos’ observations.

Recto also supported Ramos’ call for the President to put premium on poverty and job creation issues.

“The President should also focus on poverty issues, job creation, better pay, more investment and address extra judicial killings in his war on drugs,” he said.

“In fairness to President Duterte, crime (rates) has gone down, there are less drugs on the streets. He must now focus on reducing poverty and provide the poor with more opportunities,” Recto pointed out.

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pa-ngilinan said he too hopes that the President would listen to the former leader for the sake of the country’s future.

“I hope President Duterte listens to FVR or as correctly pointed put by him we will lose. I hope President Duterte listens to FVR and correct him some ways because if he does not, as correctly pointed out by FVR we will lose,” Pangilinan said. (Hannah Torregoza)