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Still popular showbiz lingo


‘FOTOBAM’ – Yes, “fotobam” is the Filipino Word of the Year, edging out the more popular “hugot.” It’s the choice of language experts and so be it.

Others considered: “milenyal,” “netizen,” “bully,” “tukod,” “foundling,” “meme,” “viral,” “lumad.”

That tall building behind the Rizal monument at the Luneta is a “fotobam” (English spelling photobomber”) for marring the view.

SHOWBIZ LINGO – While words are the subject, Highspeed recalls words that are still popular in showbiz lingo.

Let’s start with “paminta,” meaning gays trying to act like he-men.

“Paminta” is further divided into two: “pamintangbuo” (convincing) and “pamintangdurog” (not at all credible, to the point of being pathetic).

Contributors Jay P. Delgado and Mel Caparas say that most of the contestants in Mr. Gay Philippines are convincing, macho gays. Out and proud.

How about “siony” (as in “Ilusyunada”).

Don’t laugh now, but still according to JPD and MC, there are girls who have neither the face nor figure, but are “siony” enough to join beauty contests. Of course, they are right away “Iluminada” (eliminated).

Now, in a more positive tone, many local beauties are “Winnie Santos” (winners) in international pageants. One of them, Mel Caparas reports, is Princess Hyanizha Ramos, second runner-up in the Face of Beauty International held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She also bagged two special awards: best in national costume (created by Weng Alicarte) and People’s Choice.

The opposite of “Winnie Santos” is “Luz Valdez” or “Lucy Torres,” who are winners in real life. But as always explained, showbiz lingo is more rhyme than reason.

So there.