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Miss Earth through the years

AWARENESS – True to its title, Miss Earth promotes environmental awareness keeping the earth clean and green.

As of this writing, delegates from all over the world are gathered in Manila for the Miss Earth coronation night on Oct. 29 to be held at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City. It will be telecast worldwide and on rappler.com. via live streaming and shown on ABS-CBN Oct. 30, Sunday, starting at 10 a.m.

The Miss Earth delegates are touring various scenic spots in the Philippines, noted for their biodiversity.

THROUGH THE YEARS – Highspeed contributor Mel Caparas traces the Miss Earth winners through the years, starting with Catharine Svensson of Denmark in 2001.

She was followed by black beauty Winifred Omwakwe of Kenya in 2002. After which Latinas dominated Miss Earth.

Dania Prince of Honduras in 2003; Priscilla Meirelles of Brazil in 2004; Alexandra Braun of Venezuela in 2005; and Hil Hernandez of Chile in 2006.

Priscilla is married to John Estrada. They are parents to a girl.

John follows in the footsteps of Virgilio Hilario who married the First Miss Universe (Armi Kuusela) and George Araneta who married the first Miss International (Stella Marquez).

In 2007, the Latinas ended their winning streak when Jessica Trisko of Canada was crowned Miss Earth.

(More Miss Earth winners tomorrow.)