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Duterte gets high mark for crime drive

Among the 12 most urgent national concerns, the Duterte administration received the highest performance rating for its anti-crime initiatives as shown in the latest Pulse Asia survey results released yesterday.

In the nationwide survey conducted last Sept. 25-Oct. 1 with 1,200 respondents, 89 percent of Filipinos approve of the Duterte government’s efforts to fight criminality, while three expressed their disapproval, which translates to a net rating of +86.

Likewise, the present administration also received high performance ratings in its efforts to fight graft and corruption in the government (79 percent approve and 7 percent disapprove for a net rating of +72), increase peace in the country (76 percent approve and 5 percent disapprove for a net rating of +71), and respond to the needs of areas affected by calamities (74 percent approve and 4 percent for a net rating of +70).

The Duterte administration received a net performance rating of +69 (73 percent approve, 4 percent disapprove) in protecting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers; +66 (71 percent approve, 5 percent disapprove) in enforcing the law on all, whether influential or ordinary people; +61 (68 percent approve, 7 percent disapprove) in stopping the destruction and abuse of environment); +59 (67 percent approve, 8 percent disapprove) in defending the integrity of Philippine territory; +56 (64 percent approve, 8 percent disapprove) in increasing the pay of workers; +52 (62 percent approve, 10 percent approve) in creating more jobs; +47 (59 percent approve, 12 percent disapprove) in reducing poverty; and +34 (51 percent approve, 17 percent disapprove) in controlling inflation.

In the same survey period, 46 percent of Filipinos have cited increasing workers’ pay as the most immediate issue that should be addressed by the Duterte administration.

Creating more jobs and controlling inflation are also deemed urgent by 38 percent and 37 percent of Filipinos, respectively.

Other urgent national concerns cited in the Pulse Asia survey are fighting corruption in the government (32 percent), reducing poverty (32 percent), and fighting criminality (31 percent). (ELLALYN DE VERA)