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Best-dressed ladies of the ’60s and ’70s


FEEDBACK – The multi-talented Danny Dolor has a feedback on Highspeed’s items “Tingting Cojuangco’s best-dressed list” (Tempo, Oct. 8, 2016). He recalls that in the ’60 and early ’70s, The Fashion Guild of the Philippines, came up with its own best-dressed list.

The top couturiers and designers of the country made up the Fashion Guild, led by the esteemed Ramon Valera, Pilar Romack, and Salvacion Lim, says Danny D, reminding that Valera was later proclaimed National Artist.

He says that the creations of Valera, Romack, and Lim are timeless, classic, original, still elegant to this very day, many decades after they were made.

Ever low-keyed, Danny D would rather not say it, but he was of great help in making Valera a National Artist. Indeed, Valera is more than a dress designer, he is an Artist, an innovator of the Terno and Maria Clara.

BEST-DRESSED LIST – But back to the best-dressed list of The Fashion Guild of the Philippines, circa the ’60s and early ’70s.

Danny D names them in no particular order:

Chona Kasten, Elvira Manahan, Prissy Sison, Chito Madrigal, Minnie Osmeña, Remy Arguelles, Baby Fores, Imelda Cojuangco, Stella Araneta, Tingting Cojuangco, Celine Herras, Letty Montelibano, Lydia Rodriguez, Mely de Leon, Margarita Sison, Gretchen Cojuangco, Nelly Lovina

Danny D’s very own sister, Fe Dolor Serrano, is also on the best-dressed list and would have been elevated to the Fashion Hall of Fame had Martial Law not been proclaimed in September 1972 and ended the event.

VALERA COLLECTION – Fe wore the elegant Ternos and gowns by Valera, some of which Danny D saved, part of his collection.

By the way, Gloria Romero gave Danny D some of her Valera Ternos. The movie queen is Valera’s favorite model.

In the Valera book, Fe and the other best-dressed ladies, were shown wearing creations of Valera, whose motto is “Cada traje es una obra maestro.”

The Valera book describes Danny D as “…a businessman and patron of the arts who is also a connoisseur of Philippine fashion and a great admirer of Don Ramon.