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Sharon reveals she almost tied the knot with Robin

Sharon Cuneta has revealed that she almost married action star Robin Padilla but stopped when she found out “someone’s pregnant.”

‘I did this movie with this guy named Robinhood. That’s his real name. I just came from a break up, that never-ending break-up, and many other breakups. This first break-up, to make a long story short, we did this movie;”

“We had so much fun and we fell in love. I would have married him but I found out someone’s pregnant so I had to leave. I didn’t do anything pa, e. It lasted two months. And it gave me beautiful memories and we’re very good friends,” said Cuneta, during her concert entitled “Sharon at Solaire” concert at the Solaire Resort and Casino in Pasay City. Then she sang the theme song of the film composed by Rey Valera.

Cuneta and Padilla teamed up in the blockbuster movie “Maging Sino Ka Man.” They fell in love while shooting the movie. Rumors have it then that they were having an affair but they never confirmed it. Padilla even addressed Cuneta in those days as “ma’am.”

The megastar is now happily married to Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan while Padilla is married to actress-television host Mariel Padilla.

In July 2012, Cuneta recalled her breakup with Padilla on her way to Australia to do a concert in 1991.

Cuneta then said that her trip to Australia would bring back sad memories. She said she was broken-hearted back then.

“Thought tapings would get cancelled today. Buti no. Leaving for Australia concerts on August 6! Can’t wait to be back down-under. Last time I was in Australia was in ’91. Broken hearted ako then but had to smile ALL the time until I got back to my room! That was after ‘Maging Sino Ka Man,’ and I thought it was gonna be the happiest time of my life! Ngek,” Cuneta said, on Twitter.