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Denise confirms break-up with Sol

Actress Denise Laurel has announced that she and professional basketball player Sol Mercado of Barangay Ginebra are just friends.

Laurel made the announcement on October 20 just one day after Barangay Ginebra won the Philippine Basketball Association Governor’s Cup which ended the team’s eight-year drought.

“I just want to ask all of u for prayers right now and support…From now on Sol and I are just friends…I am very happy for him and I have learned so much from him! But please don’t tag me first on anything that has to do with him :) we both tried our best thank you appreciate u all,” said Laurel on Instagram.

“Also, please respect Sol, he did not cheat on me he didn’t do anything wrong…we both been trying for a while now :) he’s amazing and brought so much into my life J God has something planned for us both.”

Laurel, who has a son from a previous relationship, has asked for forgiveness from Mercado and his family over the timing to call off their engagement.

“I apologize I didn’t think this through on posting I just wanted to not hear about him first at this time;”
“People are bothering Sol now and he really didn’t do anything at all!!! It’s sad but God has different paths for us..we have been friends trying for a while..I didn’t think before posting that it would rain on his hard earned championship and he deserves all the best please!”

“I apologize to Sol and his family. Please everyone, Sol is wonderful, a real good person and that was selfish in my part to not think and post. Very selfish of me. My timing is horrible,” said Laurel on Oct. 20.

Fans were shocked over the news as they just saw the 29-year-old actress behind the Barangay Ginebra bench cheering for her Filipino-American boyfriend and his team. Barangay Ginebra won the nerve-racking Game 6 over Meralco with 91-88 victory.

Laurel and Mercado, 32, have been together since 2012. The two were supposed to get married this year but postponed it because of their busy schedules.

Laurel is the granddaughter of former Vice President Salvador Laurel and great-granddaughter of former President Jose P. Laurel. She is a member of Star Magic under ABS-CBN.