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LGU initiatives

THEY never learn. The very same tragedy visited Bocaue, Bulacan, in the exact spot and family. It claimed lives and victims back then, so also today. The most obvious question being, how many more encores are required for Congress or the national government to finally take an active and iron-hand on the manufacture and sale of pyrotechnics?

I have a strong regard for the model adopted by Davao City in regard to this issue as once spearheaded by then City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. This should be the standard nationwide. Bocaue was just the caveat. Wait till New Year’s Day!

Public sale of fireworks should be prohibited. The manufacture, warehousing, and sale of such items must not be permitted in main business districts, with high density of vehicles and pedestrian. Any business must be direct, limited to Local Government Units (LGU) but for purposes of “Fireworks Display” and in a clearly designated safe area by the Bureau of Fire. Manufacture of pyrotechnics must be for competitive export. In an off-season, the very sector which will be directly hit by the prohibition must be given safety-nets for alternative livelihood.

Another LGU initiative which must be pushed by the National Government is the convening of a City, Municipal, and Barangay Multi-Sectoral Anti-Drug Advisory Board. Call it, “Kabayan Kontra Droga, Kontra Tulak”.

Those that will head said Board and its members must be culled from respective localities. They should be individuals with unblemished record, recognized leaders in the community, representing various sectors, religious, academe, legal, media etc. They will help support and advise LGUs in their programs versus drugs, at the same time be the bridges and voices to their respective sectors regarding updates and the direction of both local and national government on said campaign. They can be the “eyes and ears” of the Duterte Administration at the LGU level for “good governance”, so that both LGU and the citizenry are hand-in-glove in this joint effort. (Erik Espina)