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Russia’s Putin is Rody’s hero

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President Duterte appears that he has no choice between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, the two contenders in the US presidential election next month.

Duterte was asked his choice between the businessman and reality TV star and the former Secretary of State in a media briefing upon his arrival from China at the international airport in Davao City yesterday.

“Mr. President, I was just wondering, who would you get along with the best in the White House, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?” asked a journalist from CNN.

“You know my friend, I would like to answer your question candidly, honestly and truthfully. Problem is, of course personally, it would not really matter much. But I am a President of a country and we have this splendid relation with America and the fact that there are already millions of Filipinos, maybe, in your country, I cannot gamble an answer. Because either way, it would affect, they might create a hostility here, antagonism here,” Duterte replied.

“So I am better off in saying that my favorite hero is (Russian President Vladimir) Putin,” he added.

Duterte had sought stronger ties with Russia and China. And while in Beijing, he announced his “separation” from the US. But the President also clarified this upon his return, saying that he is not severing diplomatic ties with the country’s longtime ally.

Duterte said the Republican presidential candidate has valid issues in response to the comparison being made of him and Trump.

“Trump is airing something which should also be a concern. One is terrorism. Everybody should be worried about terrorism. And of course, in this modern world, multi-cultural countries. There should be some, some semblance of acceptance and especially in the matter of religion, tolerance. Those are vogue words but they have deeper meanings if you go into,” said Duterte.

“Terrorism is there and frankly speaking, I’d like to be honest with you. Americans somehow, not all, somehow provided the reasons for the terrorist, terrorism there right now,” he added. (Elena L. Aben)

  • Cassy Tores

    may isang salita ang pangulo respetuhin natin ang desisyon niya.

  • benjie

    respetuhin parin natin ang pangulo isa siyang leader na mapgmahal sa tao at walang balak na manakit

  • tom

    ibng klse ang kakayahan ni Duterte kaya marami ang nagkakaisa na suporthan ka po,

  • sandra

    hindi natin maipagkakaila na magndang leader itong si Duterte umaasenso na ang pinas.

  • belen

    hindi naman kailangan na magkagulo tyo ang kailangan lang namn ay pagkakaisa at matatag na trust sa president natin.

  • lindon

    matalino at magaling na leader yang si digong kaya malaki ang tiwala kong maaayos nya ang papabagsak ng bansa ng pilipinas.

  • max=ate

    hindi naman ipapahamak ni digong ang mga pilipino,alam nya ang ginagawa nya.suporta lang natin ang maiaambag natin skanya.

  • cArLos

    bkit hindi na lang natin ipagka tiwala ky digong ang mga desisyong ginagawa nya,alam ko naman na hindi nya tayo ipapasubo.

  • juan

    he knows what his doing,hayaan nating gumalaw ang ating pangulo sa sarili nyang pamamaraan.