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Fight far from over

Boxing chief Ricky Vargas is undaunted by the decision of the election committee of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) to disqualify his candidacy for president during next month’s elections.

Lawyer Chito Salud, who serves as Vargas’ spokesperson, yesterday bared plans to “question his disqualification” based on his absenteeism in the POC’s bi-monthly General Assembly.

“He believes that he has all the qualifications to run for POC president and none of the disqualifications,” said Salud, a former PBA commissioner.

“It is unfortunate. The disqualification clearly disregards the principles of fair play and prejudices not just the rights of Abap and Mr. Vargas, but the interest and welfare of Philippine sports as well,” said Salud in a statement released shortly after Elizalde made a ruling at Wack Wack.

Still, Salud feels that “lawyers are preparing the remedies available to Mr. Vargas and will determine whether it is pointless or futile to ask the election committee and the POC executive board for a reconsideration of the disqualification order.” (NG)