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‘Ma’Rosa’ to screen in France


JUST A THOUGHT: You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world. But you do have some say in who hurts you. – John Green

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‘MA’ROSA’ SHOWING IN FRANCE: Internationally acclaimed film, “Ma’Rosa,” will be screened in theaters in France starting on Nov 30. Brillante Mendoza’s film about Manila’s drug scene fetched for lead actress Jaclyn Jose the best actress trophy at the 2016 Cannes filmfest. Critics described Jaclyn’s performance as “formidable.”

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MMFF DEADLINE EXTENDED: The Metro Manila Film Festival committee has moved deadline for submission of film entries from Oct. 31 to Nov 2. Close to

100 letters of intent have been filed at the MMFF secretariat by interested producers. Only eight shall be picked as official entries to the annual Filipino film fiesta that opens on Dec. 25.

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NEXT TIME MAS OK SANA: Rafael Rossel says he hopes to work again with Rhian Ramos, whom he considers one of the best actresses he has ever worked with.

“I hope that in our next assignment, we won’t anymore be antagonists but two people working on the same side of the fence,” he told us recently.

Rhian and Rafael have just put an end to their violent relationship in “Sinungaling Mong Puso.” The TV series ended its run Oct. 28 on GMA after 15 weeks of high ratings.

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SEXY, SAYS BEVERLY: While posing for a picture with singer-actress Beverly Salviejo during a chance encounter recently, I heard her utter the word “sexy” every time she faced the camera. Sexy is Beverly’s mantra during shoots.

It shows in the results of her pictures.

Beverly, a soprano who has acted in countless musicals, has just finished her year-long stint on “Ang Probinsyano.”

Her last few episodes on the series showed her in highly dramatic scenes which she passed with flying colors.