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Flawless face, ‘Imperfect face’


FLAWLESS – The face of Hollywood goddess Greta Garbo is flawless.

Modern-day plastic surgeons have cited it as the benchmark of perfection noting that its dimensions are in consummate balance: the lower lips only slightly fuller than her shapely upper lip, eyes well spaced with one eye’s width between them and at each temple, the nose length exactly one-third the distance from hairline to chin.

Less analytical types simply would say that with her long, thick lashes, her finely chiseled features and her pearlescent skin, she was a looker.

The great Hollywood actress and beauty comes to mind when the three Filipina Miss Universe winners were the topic of conversation by followers of beauty contests.

‘IMPERFECT’ – In reference are, of course, Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, and Pia Wurtzbach, who are said to have “imperfect faces.”

Gloria’s lips and teeth protrude; Margie’s jaw is too square; Pia’s lips and teeth recede.

But then those “imperfections” give their otherwise beautiful faces distinction and character, setting them apart from doll-like beauties who also won the Bb. Pilipinas crown.

Gloria, Margie, and Pia stand out from a crowd of pretty faces, be it here or abroad.

ASSETS – Needless to say, our three Misses Universe have other assets: shapely figure, smooth skin, dazzling personality, intelligence. Classy ladies all.

Glo’s brown-skinned, while Margie and Pia are fair.

All three have foreign blood. Glo Spanish. Margie Spanish and Irish. Pia German.