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Don’t mistreat yourself

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever experienced being mistreated?

There are times when people speak harshly to you. Sometimes, some of them even go out of their way to hurt you or make you mad.

There are times when they will bash you on social media, either on Facebook or Twitter, and worst of all, they will call you names.

They will criticize you and ridicule you and even condemn you, to the point that you will regret you were ever born in this world.

I don’t know why there are people who seem to enjoy it when other others are hurting and suffering.

Sometimes it seems like they draw their strength from your weakness. They feel that they are millionaires whenever they see you suffering and in lack. They feel that they are the winners whenever they see you defeated.

In other words, their main agenda in life is to see you fail!

If you have been treated or still being treated this way, you are not alone!

What can you do if people are already mistreating you and taking advantage of you?

There’s a saying that goes, “You can’t fight fire with fire.” If you choose to stoop down to their level and treat them with contempt, all the more that you will feed their ego, and all the more that you will satisfy them.

It doesn’t mean that just because other people mistreat you or take advantage of you, it’s already your fault. There are people who are just really so full of anger and angst that they resort to bullying and find joy in hurting others.

Blaming yourself for the cruelty of others is the worst torment. (Chinkee Tan)