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Snooky: Let bygones be bygones


JUST A THOUGHT: “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” –John Green

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SNOOKY UGLIFIED AGAIN: The last time Snooky Serna had her face deformed in a movie, she scored one of the biggest hits in her acting career.

The 70s child superstar turned drama actress of note was portrayed as a facially challenged young woman in fantasy-drama “Blusang Itim” (1986) where she allowed application of heavy prosthetics on her face. The process can be tedious, time-consuming, and irritating to the skin.

This time around, will lightning strike twice on the same spot? Snooky’s character in new soap series “Hahamakin ang Lahat” undergoes transformation from pretty to ugly and scarred after she has been splashed acid on her face (!) by Eula Valdez.

Snooky and Eula are cast as friends although they belong to different social classes. The former plays the latter’s maid. Circumstances force them to be on opposite, combative sides of the fence. That’s when all the drama explodes.

Joining them are GMA Network’s next generation of multi-talented artists: Joyce Ching, Kristoffer Martin, Thea Tolentino. Completing the cast are Chinggoy Alonzo, Marc Abaya, Jett Pangan, Marina Benipayo.

* * *

SNOOKY THANKS MARINA: At the program launch, Snooky thanked Marina Benipayo for being a good stepmom to her two children by ex-husband Ricardo Cepeda.

Ricardo is Marina’s new partner in life.

Snooky didn’t show any sign of resentment towards Marina, former model and beauty queen. She said it has been such a long time ago and she and Richardo have both moved on.

Marina said more or less the same thing. Let bygones be bygones.

* * *

BEST ACTOR IN THE HOUSE: Meanwhile, the media congratulated Kristoffer Martin for having won best actor for TV in the recently held Star Awards. Most everyone agreed Kristoffer is a fine performer as can be gleaned from “Hahamakin’s” preview shown earlier to the press.

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OPENS TODAY: “Hahamakin ang Lahat” opens on today (Oct. 31) on GMA Network after “Oh, My Mama!” (NESTOR CUARTERO)