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The Queen’s Umbrella

The see through umbrella by Fulton, UK’s leading manufacturer of umbrella, was sported by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and adopted by her as her umbrella of choice as it protected her from the rain while allowing her to be seen.

Queen Elizabeth II uses the birdcage umbrella for the same reason. Stylish and iconic, the birdcage design is a favorite amongst the Royal Family. The large domed canopy completely covers the head and shoulders while still providing clear visibility.

The Imperial House in Japan use specially made umbrellas from White Rose Co., a maker with nearly 300 years of experience. White Rose Co. came out with world’s first plastic umbrella in 1958. This would evolve into White Rose’s, as well as the world’s first plastic umbrella used everywhere today.

In 1964, a special plastic material was invented and current style plastic umbrella was made available by White Rose Co. for an American buyer to sell in New York. It rains a lot in NY in winter and people liked birdcage style umbrellas which could cover whole shoulders, moreover, they can see their way with the transparent material. It doesn’t clash with your outfit, whatever color you are wearing. New Yorkers jumped at them.

“The plastic umbrellas that you’d buy in places like convenience stores use a single sheet of material, but we use a special triple layered material. It keeps clean when wet, not sticky. The sheet is specially attached to the ribs in such a way, when it’s open, greatly reduces the drag caused by wind. When Empress Michiko slings her umbrella over her shoulder she doesn’t have to struggle with the wind the wind blowing into it” explains the company. The Imperial garden party model called “Enyu” sells for more than 8,000 yen (or more than 4,000 pesos). (Floro Mercene)