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Trump turns up heat over Clinton over her emails

MIAMI – Donald Trump stepped up his attacks against Hillary Clinton, seeing to exploit the Federal Bureau of Investigation decision to reopen an investigation into her emails as America’s bruising election campaign heads into its final stretch.

Just 10 days before the country goes to the polls to elect either the former US secretary of state or the bombastic Republican billionaire, America’s top cop James Comey has been thrust center stage.

The FBI director wrote to lawmakers on Friday, announcing that his agents are investigating a newly discovered trove of emails, renewing an enquiry that the Clinton campaign thought ended in July.

Trump pounced. Campaigning in the western state of Colorado, which has been leaning toward Clinton, he denounced what he called his opponent’s ‘‘criminal and illegal conduct,’’ to chants of ‘‘Lock her up!’’

‘‘This is the biggest political scandal since Watergate, and it’s everybody’s deepest hope that justice at last will be beautifully delivered,’’ Trump, 70, told a later rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

While his 69-year-old opponent remains on course to be voted in as America’s first female president at the ballot box on November 8, her campaign is furious that its momentum has slowed in the final straight.

Clinton campaigned hard in the key battleground state of Florida on Saturday, greeting thousands of supporters at a Jennifer Lopez concert in Miami after earlier demanding that Comey explain in detail why he had effectively reopened the inquiry declared complete in July. (AFP)