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Rosary Story


ROSARY – Nov. 1 and 2, we remember the dearly departed with prayers, flowers, and candles.

Or simply with much fondness albeit a certain sadness.

With the readers’ indulgence, this columnist singles out four colleagues, no longer with us, of course. Call it Rosary Story, focused on Emy Abuan, Julie Fe Navarro, Mar d’ Guzman Cruz, and Inday Badiday.

Many years back, I joined a Marian Pilgrimage and came home with a bagful of Rosaries from Fatima (Portugal) and Lourdes (France), among other religious souvenirs.

JULIE FE – During a presscon, she asked me, “Ang pasalubong kong Rosario?” I meant to give her a bracelet, but then I had a Rosary from Fatima, but for another friend. “Of course, I have one for you” and gave it to her with a smile.

Years later, Julie Fe died of cancer. I visited her wake, where a daughter approached me. “Alam po ninyo, yung Rosary na ibinigay ninyo kay Mommy ang laging hawak n’ya sa ospital. Sabi n’ya galing pa raw sa Fatima ang Rosary.”

Then I realized why the Rosary went to Julie Fe instead of someone else.

EMY – She used to tell me that silver-plated Rosary from Fatima I gave her had a special place on the small altar of her bedroom. “Lagi kong ginagamit sa pagdadasal bago ako matulog,” she said.

I remember Emy saying, “Parang nagbabago ang kulay ng Rosario bigay mo. Kung minsan parang ginto.”

Told her must be the result of the sunlight or electric bulb. Emy said, “Maybe… pero baka naman hindi. Malay natin?”

KUYA MAR – Everybody’s Kuya, Mar, was ever thankful when I handed him a Rosary from Fatima, similar to what I gave Emy Abuan.

Kuya Mar said he was “retiring” his old Rosary and would from hereon carry in his pocket the one I gave him. True enough, every now and then he’d show me the Rosary inside a pouch taken from his pocket.

INDAY – I visited Inday Badiday at her townhouse near the LVN studio with my pasalubong from France. Pink shawl from Paris and Rosary from Lourdes.

But before giving her the Rosary, I asked her if she really turned Born-Again and no longer believed in the Blessed Mother. Inday said, “No, no, no. Hindi ako-nag Born-Again. Ano bang pangalan ko? Di ba Lourdes (Jimenez)?”

Very well then, I gave her the Rosary from Lourdes. Which Inday kissed with reverence.

And that’s the end of the Rosary Story.