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Derrick, hindi siya bayaran


JUST A THOUGHT: The world is not a wish-granting factory. – John Green

* * *

HINDI SIYA BAYARAN: Some people tried to pay Derrick Monasterio. He didn’t turn them down.

It was for a role, you see.

For his TV role as a newfound superhero, Tsupero, the young actor and his partner Bea Binene immersed themselves into the world of jeepney drivers.

‘Ang hirap pala mag-drive ng jeep, mainit, mausok. Ang daming beses kong namatayan ng makina,’ he said at the program launch of the new show at GMA compound recently.

Habang nagda-drive ako, may ilang pasahero na nagbabayad sa akin,’ he laughed.

Derrick says he finds it harder to pull off comic punches than doing straight drama. ‘Sa comedy, walang daya. It’s either the joke works or not, unlike in drama,’ he said.

* * *

NO PADDING: Derrick’s blue costume as Tsuperhero livened up the conversation at the program launch.

He said he found it hard to slip into the costume without showing too much of himself. Ever the naughty child, he said he didn’t use any padding to come off with an impressive package.

He was careful however not to indulge too much in such revealing conversation. Tsuperhero is a program designed for the youth, that’s why.

* * *

DRIVER AS SUPERHERO: “Tsuperhero” tells the extraordinary story of an ordinary jeepney driver, played by Derrick, who turns into a superhero, courtesy of a mysterious object from a distant planet.

His love interest, Bea Binene, plays a jeepney barker.

Rounding up the support cast are Gabby Concepcion, Alma Moreno, Betong Sumaya, Philip Lazaro, among others.

At the media launch, Alma thanked the press for not putting her on the spot in the wake of her son, Mark Anthony’s recent incarceration due to his reported involvement with drugs.

The veteran actress said what she’s going through is not a joke, but she found relief in her role in the TV sitcom.

“Tsuperhero” airs every Sunday on GMA after “24 Oras Weekend.” (NESTOR CUARTERO)