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‘It’s easy to think, but to do, not easy’

Vargas Pacquiao Boxing

Pacquiao dismisses foe’s bold remarks.

LAS VEGAS – Manny Pacquiao reminded everyone, including Saturday night foe Jessie Vargas, that everything is not what it seems.

Waxing philosophical during Wednesday’s press conference at the Margaux Ballroom of The Wynn, Pacquiao shrugged off claims that Vargas and his proud team have the Filipino legend all figured out.

“Some fighters, they can think more than what they can do,” said Pacquiao, who is attempting to lift the World Boxing Organization welterweight crown off Vargas’ head at the Thomas and Mack Center.

“It is easy to think but to do is not easy,” he said in reaction to Vargas’ bold pronouncement that they have found the blueprint for Pacquiao’s downfall.

Even Vargas’ loquacious strategist, Dewey Cooper, insists his fighter will adjust in an instant when the need arises.

“I have a fighter who can be Julio Cesar Chavez, Lennox Lewis or Juan Manuel Marquez,” said Cooper.

But Pacquiao, who will be fighting for the 27th time in US soil since making his debut 2001, believes all that is pure talk.

“They all do say the same things but when they get in the ring with me, they’re all surprised,” said Pacquiao, who likewise belittled the 5-10 Vargas’ over three-inch height advantage.

Height is might in boxing if the taller guy knows how to use that edge, noted Pacquiao.

“If he knows how to use his advantage, then he can give me a good fight,” he said.

Vargas, younger by almost ten years at 27, won’t be the biggest or tallest rival Pacquiao will face as he had made minced meat of Antonio Margarito (almost 5-11), Chris Algieri (5-10) and Oscar De La Hoya (5-10).

Still, Pacquiao is not looking past Vargas, who is banking on hunger and drive to ruin his fancied foe’s grand plans.

“I have been in his situation before and I know how he feels but I feel that I still have it and nothing’s changed with me,” said Pacquiao, who might earn a rematch with Floyd Mayweather next year assuming he blows Vargas away this weekend.

Asked about any injuries or minor pains, Pacquiao says he feels in excellent shape and is ready to rumble.

“No, I feel good. No injuries. I feel fine.”

It seems that Pacquiao spells trouble for Vargas.