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Roach asks Pacquiao to slow down

LAS VEGAS – Thrice he had to plead for the gloves to be taken off Manny Pacquiao’s dynamite hands Tuesday because the Filipino legend looked like he was going to train all day.

“Enough, enough,” Roach told Pacquiao after their pad work at the Top Rank Gym.

“Take it off,” Roach shouted as he sought the comfort of the ropes to rest his aching shoulders.

“Cmon, Manny, you’re 500 percent ready.” he said, sounding desperate.

As Pacquiao continued to move around, shadowboxing and impersonating Bruce Lee and doing jump shots, Miguel Diaz, the Argentine cutman, also tried his best to tell Pacquiao to start slowing down.

‘No mas, por favor, No mas (No more, please. No more),” said Diaz as he used his right hand to tell Pacquiao to go down the ring and start getting dressed in civvies.

Moments later, Pacquiao heeded the call. But Roach remains a bit problematic.

“It’s going to be another day tomorrow. I have to do this all over again,” said Roach.

But Roach promises that on Thursday, he will force Pacquiao to pick just one.