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‘Till I Met You’ directors, producers say daring scenes meant to teach lessons

THE directors and producers of primetime teleserye “Till I Met You” on ABS-CBN have issued a statement on the daring love scene of the program ahead of their meeting with the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board on Nov. 10.

Their full statement reads:

“The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB] earlier issued an invitation to the directors and producer of ‘Till I Met You’ to a conference for them to explain some scenes to address certain viewer concerns.

“MTRCB posted the invitation online, which attracted social media discussion.

“Prior to the airing of the questioned episode last Oct 25, the producers, by way of self-regulation pursuant to MTRCB policy and practice, did send a letter to the MTRCB informing them that the episode will bear the classification of SPG [Strong Parental Guidance] because of the sensitive material involved.

“The intent of the episode to show certain sensitive scenes was to make viewers aware not only of the consequences of young and reckless love but also how impulsive acts of this kind of love occur in real life.

“There are lessons to be learned where decisions are made on impulse. We hope that the program will be appreciated in its entirety and some scenes not taken out of context.

“Rest assured that the program executives will participate in the conference requested for by the MTRCB on Nov. 10.”
The MTRCB said that it received complaints from viewers that the Oct. 25 episode of the program showed lead stars Nadine Lustre and James Reid, popularly known as JaDine, in a daring love scene.

On Friday, MTRCB Chairman Toto Villareal said his office does not intend to censor the program over the controversial episode, according to a report of ABS-CBN.

“We are always fair, we want to know where people are coming from, sama-sama tayo kung paano mapaunlad ang ating industriya. Mas kakabahan nga ako sa isang sitwasyon kung walang magsasalita. I assure JaDine fans and other televiewers na may stake ang lahat dito,” said Villareal.