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Pia hits bashers anew, renews call for HIV test


Reigning Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines took to social media again to criticize her bashers who said that she has not done anything to find a “cure” for AIDS.

“Just to get some things straight. I haven’t forgotten about my advocacy, ok? I’m so tired of people complaining that I haven’t found ‘the cure’ for HIV when clearly I said I would raise awareness. I’m not magically gonna come up with a potion that cures everything,” said Wurtzbach on Instagram as she posed in a bikini to get the attention of her bashers.

Wurtzbach, 27, also said that she does not have to post her activities on social media all the time because she was busy with work.

“But are you really getting the point of my message during the final Q&A? I said I would raise awareness. Putting the spotlight on it so we can start talking about it. Just like during the competition, I wasn’t posting my everyday pageant activities and that upset a lot of fans,” she said.

The prevention of HIV-AIDS is the major advocacy of the Miss Universe Organization.

“They thought I wasn’t doing any effort. I just really did not like posting anything online. Why? ’Cause I didn’t feel like I needed to. Instagram isn’t part of the judges panel. Am I gonna carry my phone around with me and take every selfie, every photo I see to ease your worries? No. I don’t work like that. I put my phone down and I work. And did it work? Yes. Sometimes the plans you carry have a bigger chance of reaching a larger magnitude if you’re just focused on the work.

“I’m good with letting people know about what I’m doing or what I plan to do. I’m a woman of my word. What I say in public is a promise. Why worry about updating everyone on social media and in the process losing the experience because you were on your phone the whole time staging photos. Now ask yourself. Did you get yourself tested?” asked the beauty queen who has been on the forefront of the AIDS campaign since she won in December 2015.

While not giving exact figures, the Filipino-German beauty queen said that the number of HIV-AIDS cases around the workd is increasing at an alarming level.

“This year the numbers have gone at an all time high. But maybe that’s because more people are getting themselves tested making our statistics more accurate. I can’t work a miracle here. I still consider myself a student and I’m learning more and more everyday,” she explained.

“So before you go saying that I haven’t done anything, the mere fact that you’re talking about how little I am doing charity work for HIV/AIDS, isn’t that awareness in itself? You’re thinking about it, right? Talking about it, correct? Bashing me in the process BUT still getting the message out there. I don’t have to spell it out. Oh and here’s a bikini photo. Just so I get your attention,” she said.

Few days ago, Wurtzbach was seen as part of Senator Manny Pacquiao’s entourage in Las Vegas in his fight against Jessie Vargas. Pacquiao won the WBO welterweight championship.

Wurtzbach, who is romantically linked to Filipino-Swiss F1 driver Marlon Stockinger, is set to relinquish her crown in Manila on Jan. 30, 2017.