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Lady driver panics, plows into security

Rush hour in Makati’s business district went to the next level Friday when a runaway yellow compact car led a group of Rockwell security personnel to a wild chase that ended with the car sprinting to freedom.

The brand-new Kia Picanto, bearing conduction sticker KIA Manila Bay EG5100, plowed through motorcycles, scraped cars and ignored frantic guards to make its escape through Gloria Street.

Netizens dubbed the car as “Crazy Yellow Kia” following a Facebook post that has gone viral. Twenty hours after it was posted by Kitt Lapeña, it has been shared more than 22,000 times.

Hours after the incident, the woman driver surrendered and promised to pay for all the damages she caused to vehicles. No case was filed.

ABS-CBN identified the driver as Jamie Camille Lee Brojan, a 28-year-old resident of San Juan.

Lapeña, who was walking home, said he saw the car being chased by guards riding in motorcycles.

Just when everyone thought that the chase was over along Kalayaan Avenue, however, the car then made a reverse, toppling over motorcycles placed behind the car to prevent the escape, according to Lapeña.

The car managed to squeeze itself into Gloria Street to complete its escape.

The security officers, whose motorcycles were destroyed, watched helplessly, according to Lapeña.

Before he started the video, Lapeña said the wayward car also scraped the side of a silver Toyota, but the woman driver simply ignored it.

The car nearly collided with a motorcycle rider who slapped the back of the car.

Lapeña said a woman in a tank top and pants got out of the vehicle and confronted the rider.

“The way she talked, it appears she comes from the well-heeled class,” he said.

At the police station, Brojan told officers that she was only flagged down by Rockwell security officials due to illegal parking, according to ABS-CBN.

The report said Brojan claimed she panicked after being chased and mobbed by Rockwell marshals.

No report of the incident was filed at the Makati Traffic Command Center.

ABS-CBN reported that at least four security officers were injured and several cars and motorcycles were damaged due to the incident. (RIZAL OBANIL)