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QC told to update real property values

The Commission on Audit (CoA) has ordered the Quezon City government to update its antiquated real property values which the local government unit last updated about 21 years ago.

In its letter to QC Mayor Herbert Bautista dated 7 October 2016, State Auditor Rosa dela Cruz said ‘the assessment and property classification in the City have not been revised over the years, thus, invariably affecting the real property administration system.’

The CoA added, ‘the general revision of real property in the City has not been undertaken such that the fair market values for purposes of assessment, classification and subsequently the collection of realty taxes has not been attuned to the changing times.’

The CoA letter further stated, pertinent provisions of RA 7160: Section 219. General Revision of Assessments and Property Classification. – The provincial, city or municipal assessor shall undertake a general revision of real property assessments within two years after the effectivity of this Code and every three years thereafter.’ (PNA)