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JC, Nathalie have ‘sensual chemistry’


AWARDEES BOTH – Call it serendipity or happenstance or simple coincidence. But JC de Vera and Nathalie Hart won acting awards when they were paired in Cinema One’s “Tisay,” which premieres tonight at 9 at the Trinoma.

JC won best actor in the QC filmfest for “Best Partee Ever” and Nathalie was best actress in the Manhattan (New York) filmfest for “Siphayo.”

JC and Nathalie are at once challenged and proud of “Tisay” as they portray roles they haven’t done before. JC is the naïve and idealistic basketball player, while Nathalie is the street-smart bookie in the world of the semi-pro game where fixing and gambling is the name of the game.

Do they expect another awards coming for “Tisay”?

JC and Nathalie smile, “No, but then thank you if they come.”

“Tisay” is directed by Alfonso Torre, nephew of the great actor Joel Torre, portraying a special role in “Tisay.”

By the way, Nathalie is real mestiza, Fil-Australian, earlier billed as Princess Snell.

‘SENSUAL CHEMISTRY’ – In “Tisay,” Nathalie surrenders her body to whoever is willing to pay. But then she falls in love with JC and their lovemaking is romantic, tender, erotic.

Asked JC if there were inhibitions oncam while making love.

JC says, “None. We were both nude. Bakit naka-basketball shorts ba when making love? Alam ko naman kung talagang kailangang maghubad sa pelikula. Si Nathalie nag-frontal na sa ‘Siphayo.’ We are both professionals.”

Well, the common observation is JC and Nathalie have this “sensual chemistry” onscreen. Which is perfect for the setting of “Tisay,” slums where people are supposed to be passionate, uninhibited, earthy.

PROUD OF – But back to the acting awards received by JC and Nathalie, which they are extremely proud of.

At 30, JC feels accomplished, “Parang diploma na ibinigay ko sa parents ko. I didn’t finish college, but then I have a trophy.”

Nathalie, 24, says, “Sa resumé ko, puede na akong tawaging award-winning actress.” She recalls that when she won the award in Manhattan she just arrived in New York. I was sleepy and hungry. I said in my speech it was wonderful to be in Europe. Binawi ko agad, New York pala.”

Having done indies, JC and Nathalie want to do more and more. They realize mainstream producers will not dare to do so-called out-of-the box films. In “Siphayo,” “Best Partee Ever,” and “Tisay,” they got the rare chance to do rough roles… and were rewarded for their efforts.