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Paradise Dynasty


Savour world’s first 8 international flavoured xiao longbao, handmade silky lamian and exquisite Chinese cuisine.

First opened on 15 September 2010, Paradise Dynasty is a casual dining concept by Paradise Group that dishes up an affordable selection of northern and southern Chinese cuisine at seven restaurants in Singapore, with overseas presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

Drawing from his frequent travels in China, CEO of Paradise Group – Eldwin Chua -started Paradise Dynasty as he was inspired by thearray of food in the different provinces across China.

“With this new concept, we want to provide diners with a valuable dining experience that comprises affordable food in a mesmerizing setting located at a prime location,” he says.

Our Cuisine

An innovative array of xiao longbao
Pushing the envelope on culinary creativity and innovation in Chinese cuisine, ParadiseD ynasty is proud to present eight first-of-its-kind types of xiao long bao (小笼包) such as black truffle, foiegras, garlic, ginseng, cheese, Szechuan and crab roe.

Not your typical run-of-the-millvarieties, these inventive flavours are created by Eldwin and the team of chefs after many round softasting and testing. Customers can enjoy these eight tantalising flavours in a specialty sampling basket (8pieces).

1. Original
Enjoy these traditional xiao long bao featuring fresh pork filling in a sweet soup broth*original

2. Ginseng
Relish the soothing herbal goodness of this ginseng and pork soup dumpling*green

3. FoieGras
A touch of French luxury is married perfectly with this traditional Chinese delicacy*brown

4. BlackTruffle
Feast on the unmistakable plush aroma and taste of black truffle in this luxurious treat*black

5. Cheese
A novel combination that features the silkiness of cheese – a sure hit with all ages*yellow

6. CrabRoe
These morsels are infused with pork and delicate crab roe*orange

7. Garlic
A simple twist on the traditional xiao long bao by just adding fragrant garlic*grey

8. Szechuan
Spice up your palate with the subtle heat from a touch of chilli oil and peppercorns*red

Selection of silky handmade lamian
Another highlight of Paradise Dynasty is the wide selection of la mian (hand-pulled noodles) that are freshly made expertly in full view of diners in the open kitchen. A truly comfortings taplein Chinese cuisine, these fine and silky threads are then served with an assortment of soups, sauces and ingredients.

Highly recommended are the lamian with sliced pork in signature pork bone soup, lamian with braised porkbelly in signature pork bone soup, and the piquant lamian with poached marbled beef in Spicy Szechuan soup. A lot of attention is lavished on the signature stock which uses ingredients like pork bone, pork ribs and whole chicken, and simmered over slow fire for12 hours before being served.

Shanghainese dim sum and comfort food
Equally enticing are the affordable range of Shanghainese dim sum with the likes of the lightand flaky radish pastry and pork dumplings with hot chili vinaigrette. The extensive menu also showcases a selection of appetizers that range from chilled assorted eggs loaf in Yang Zhousty let ot he classic drunken chicken.

Perfect for sharing with friends or family are the variety of wok-fried meat, seafood, vegetable and rice dishes. Definite crowd pleasers include the spicy Szechuan crispy chicken and scrambled egg white with fish and conpoy. Do leave room for unique desserts like chilled glutinous rice roll topped with grated nuts,p an-fried pancake with red bean paste and glutinous rice dumpling in fermented rice wine.