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Avoid negative outlets and influences

WHO is exempted from heartbreaks, illnesses, embarrassing moments, unfair criticisms, financial difficulties, failures, and natural calamities? Certain things, people, events, and situations can give us so much stress – and if we don’t know how to cope in a proper manner, we might end up not only wasting our time, but our lives as well.

Many people who resorted to drugs, alcohol, uncontrolled shopping, gambling, and unhealthy relationships never solved their problems. They only succeeded in making them heavier – and perhaps, more complicated.

Avoid negative outlets and influences, especially when you are weak and struggling with something. These include people and activities that might excite you temporarily just when you want peace and happiness – but actually push you to the pit of darkness and despair. Stay away from them while you can!

Choose an outlet that will make you happy, healthy, productive, committed and fulfilled. Vices will never do that.

Fake friends will also never do that. In fact, they will just entice you or pressure you to engage in pleasurable activities that will not only harm your health and well-being, but also deplete your savings. Gather enough wits and courage to say “No” and to stay away from them, or else you will become a slave to their opinions and to vices.

Life is too precious to be wasted. You are worthy.

Come on. Other people have far greater struggles than you, but they focused on what they still had and what they could still do despite the pains and difficulties. Their lives today are so much better than before. In contrast, those who listened to their so-called friends and turned to vices have so much bitterness inside. They feel sad, empty, useless and hopeless although they may choose to show the opposite.

Avoid distractions in the form of negative outlets and influences. Focus on what is good and positive! Attract such things!

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Marilyn Arayata: inspirational author, columnist, and speaker. E-mail inspire.equip@gmail.com. (Marilyn C. Arayata)