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Blakdyak found dead

Novelty singer and comedian Blakdyak was found dead with a plastic bag wrapped around his head inside his rented unit in Sampaloc, Manila, Monday night.

Police said Blakdyak, born Joseph Formoran, 46, was discovered lying lifeless and half naked with a plastic bag covering his head by his 12-year-old son, Tomi, at around 6 p.m. inside his room at Dapitan Square on Dapitan Street, Sampaloc.

Probers learned that Blakdyak did not come out of his room from dawn until 6 p.m., prompting Tomi to look for his father.

Since the door in his room was locked, Tomi peeped through the window only to find that his father was already dead.

Police initially noted that there was no foul play in Blakdyak’s death since there was no sign of forcible entry though his clothes were scattered inside his room.

However, the body was moved for autopsy to determine the real cause of his death.

Investigators said that a security personnel of the residential building claimed that he saw Blakdyak coming in and looking “uneasy” at 11 p.m. Sunday.

The security guard told investigators that Blakdyak went up to the building’s rooftop, prompting him to go after Blakdyak who looked troubled.

Fearing that he might jump off the rooftop, the guard talked with Blakdyak and briefly convinced him to go back to his room.

Blakdyak locked himself in his room at 2:30 a.m. and was not seen since then.

Investigators revealed that Blakdyak was not drunk when he came home. According to the building’s log book, nobody even came to visit him that night.

Blakdyak’s wife, Twinkle, told investigators that she could not recall any problem or reason for her husband to commit suicide.

She said that Blakdyak is a happy person and she could see no reason for him to end his life.

It was reported that Blakdyak was expecting to do a comeback album in collaboration with a song writer.

Apolonio Bernabe, 39, caretaker of Dapitan Square, said the singer had a history of causing alarm in the residential building, the reason why he immediately called the attention of Blakdyak upon seeing him wearing only his boxer shorts and barefooted while walking along the hallway.

Bernabe told investigators that Blakdyak was often drunk and uneasy.

Bernabe also claimed that some of the tenants in the building complained over Blakdyak’s behavior. He said the victim would allegedly strip in front of the woman tenants and give them indecent proposals.

Dapitan Square administrators had already sought the help of the barangay chairman over the complaints.

This reporter interviewed Blakdyak in 2014 when he was arrested for allegedly going berserk in an apartelle in Quezon City.

During his arrest, police found drug paraphernalia in his possession, but he denied the allegations, saying he was not into drugs and was just drunk that night.

He faced malicious mischief, alarm and scandal and illegal possession of drug paraphernalia but he then got away with it.

On that same year, he was also caught red handed while sniffing shabu in Mandaluyong City.

Formoran was born in Zambales. He rose to fame in the 90s for singing the novelty hits “Modelong Charing,” “Good Boy,” “Noon At Ngayon” and “Asin At Paminta.”