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Michelle Yeoh coy about ‘Star Trek’

Michelle Yeoh (AP)

Michelle Yeoh (AP)

MALAYSIAN actress Michelle Yeoh, one of Asia’s biggest film stars, played coy about her reported casting in the upcoming television show “Star Trek: Discovery” during a red carpet appearance at Singapore’s film festival on Wednesday.

CBS will launch the “Star Trek: Discovery” television series in May.

“Well, I think CBS will make their own announcement. … But we all grew up with the ‘Star Trek’ generation, so of course I’m a big fan,” said Yeoh, best known to Western audiences for her roles in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

The show’s consulting producer, Nicholas Meyer, in an interview with entertainment website ComingSoon.net, said Yeoh would be in the show but did not say what role she would take. (Reuters)