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Resign all!

WISDOM in the clarion call of former Senator Rene Saguisag for all officials who oppose the Duterte Administration’s decision on the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the ‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’ to resign. Notably, Cabinet Officials beginning to create a working relation by proximity (and not by personal history) with President Rodrigo Duterte, adhering to such a gauntlet thrown at their red faces.

As recognized code of conduct, cabinet members are the extension of the persona of the Chief Executive. Every Secretary serves at the pleasure and confidence of the President. Loyalty is not a dirty word when the source of your incumbency to serve, is precisely the appointing power. So be faithful to him as best as you could, and as well as your principles and conscience will guide you. When and if the time should ever arrive conflicts between official duties and personal beliefs arise, the decent custom in such a crossroad is to choose integrity over comfort. There can be no middle road. As that will only lead to internal contempt, simmering revulsion or a revolution of the soul.

One cannot serve two masters, unless he is insidious. Meaning, baking your cake and eating it too! You are either all in for the agenda of President Rodrigo Duterte, or step out. Such is the case with the Marcos Burial. The proper thing to do is to submit an irrevocable resignation. The fig leaf that “cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the President” and there was prior notice before appointment on contrasting issues will not fly. The point is, the President may not “fire” you, but what has happened to your principled stand? The great divide over Martial Law, desaparecidos etc.? Or is this now part of the utilitarian duality of the “far left”, enjoying the perks of the alliance from within, while street slogans reveal ad hominem insults vs. President Duterte in the same disdain as Marcos being allied “puppies” (in the vernacular). Writing on the wall for the Duterte Majority. Prepare to stand firm with Digong when fault lines move. The “far left” and the “yellow acolytes” are playing a smart game.
(Erik Espina)