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Early Christmas with PAO Lady


MEDIA FRIENDLY – Of all public officials, Persida V. Rueda-Acosta is perhaps closes to media, especially entertainment writers, both print and broadcast.

Why? The answer is simple. Through media, Atty. Rueda-Acosta brings to public attention the activities of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), which gives legal aid to the needy.

She is a bar topnotcher (4th place, 1989) and a doctorate in Social Development and has completed the Senior Executive Fellows Program at Harvard.

There are talks that the PAO Lady might just be named to the Supreme Court, which is, needless to say, well deserved.

EARLY CHRISTMAS – A few days back, Atty. Rueda-Acosta hosted an early Christmas party for the entertainment press.

Got the chance to ask her how she felt leaving PAO for a higher position. If, indeed, it happens. She said that after 16 years at PAO she’d be very sad to say goodbye, but then the call of duty must be heeded. “Mixed emotions.”

But she assured media they would always be in her heart and mind even if she could no longer be with them.

No matter, she decided for an early Christmas party as she’d be very busy in the days to come. She wanted to be with her friends in the press while she still could.

SOUND OF MUSIC – The party, lunch with delicious Chinese dishes, was informal, most enjoyable. The sound of music filled the air; Atty. Rueda-Acosta beautifully sang “You Raise Me Up” and “Ikaw.”

She urged the press to follow her and the likes of Ambet Nabus, Leo Bukas, Rey Pumaloy, Mercy Lejardo, Janice Navida, Evelyn Diao, Ervin Santiago did sing.

The PAO Lady’s friendly staff assisted in entertaining the movie press.

BEST REMEMBERED – In recent months, PAO is best remembered for defending victims of the so-called “tanim-bala” in airports, Filipinos and foreigners alike. At a Senate hearing, Sen. Grace Poe described Atty. Rueda-Acosta as “the voice of the people” during those trying times at the airport.

She is also remembered for taking the cudgels for a maltreated “kasambahay” who lost her sight, a PMA graduate unjustly denied his diploma, two female preachers raped and murdered, an eight-year-old pupil verbally abused by a teacher.

The cases brought to the attention of and helped by PAO are countless, earning Atty. Persida Rueda-Acosta various awards and citations here and abroad. She is truly an outstanding public servant.

  • Bôn Bing

    Yung damit ni Acosta, parang feeling Justice siya. Pero sa JBC interview NGANGA.