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174 junkie cops face dismissal

Director General Ronald M. dela Rosa, chief of the Philippine National Police, yesterday vowed to dismiss 174 policemen who tested positive for illegal drugs.

Dela Rosa said that the PNP Internal Affairs Service has submitted the recommendation for dismissal of the 174 policemen. The PNP Internal Affairs Service conducted the random drug tests.

“It is already for my signature, for my approval. I will sign it in order to lessen our headache,” said Dela Rosa.

He also vowed to block the reinstatement of the 174 cops even if he is already retired. “As long as I am alive, you will not be reinstated. I will find ways to block your reinstatement. This is personal for me.”

Dela Rosa said the dismissal recommendation went through an intense due process which includes giving those concerned a chance to explain.

The highest ranking officer who tested positive in the drug test was a chief inspector or equivalent to the rank of major in the military.

The entire 170,000-strong PNP was subjected to mandatory drug tests after Dela Rosa assumed the top post on July 1. One-hundred seventy-four policemen tested positive.

More than 100 policemen allegedly involved in the illegal drugs trade have been sent to conflict-torn areas across the country. Some of them have been killed and wounded in various incidents. (Aaron B. Recuenco)