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Erap to go after protectors of illegal transport terminals

A day after ordering the termination of all traffic enforcers in Manila, Mayor Joseph Estrada announced the city government will go after barangay officials who are protecting the operation of illegal transport terminals in the city.

“They will be our next target. We will remove all of them,” Estrada warned.

He said once an official was found conniving with operators of illegal transport terminals, he will terminate him from his post.

“We’re doing it gradually, so do not worry,” Estrada said.

The Mayor also asked Manileños to be more patient while the city government works on the improvement of the traffic situation in the city.

Estrada revealed that he is aware some elected barangay officials, even a few policemen, tolerate illegal terminals because they benefit from it.

This prompted the city government to tap legitimate transport organizations such as the Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association (Fejodap) and the Pasang Masda in the drive against illegal terminals.

“Our campaign to rid those traffic-causing illegal terminals will be useless unless we cut off the head of those protecting them, in the barangays and the police,” Estrada said.

Last Monday, Estrada ordered the 690 traffic enforcers to submit their resignation letters after being swamped with complaints from motorists concerning their alleged extortion activities. (Betheena Kae Unite)