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Proving there’s audience for meaningful program


SEASON 6 – Contrary to some predictions, inspirational-entertainment talk show “#MichaelAngelo” is now on its sixth season. And this early, already preparing for its seventh season to be shot in Belgium.

But that is jumping the gun, so to speak, on its amiable and articulate host, 34-year-old Michael Lobrin. Let’s concentrate on Season 6, with no less than Alden Richards as special guest.

“#MichaelAngelo” airs every Saturday, 5 p.m., on GMA TV, can also be watched on Sky Cable and Destiny Channel.

He’s proved beyond doubt that there’s an audience for a meaningful program, but the host refuses to be called “sikat, pag sikat ka siguradong malalaos ka.” What matters most, he says, “pagkakaibigan na tumatagal, forever kung tunay.”
More than the host, Michael Angelo is the overall force of the show.

GRATEFUL – He thanks first God for all the blessings and then friends and supporters, especially his Kuya Ronald (Mascariñas), president of Bounty Agro Ventures whose products are the famous Chooks to Go (with 200 outlets all over the country), Uling Roasters, and Bounty Fresh.

Mr. Mascariñas supported “#MichaelAngelo” from way, way, way back and “is the soul” behind the “Mission Impossible” events, which has given people the opportunity to see and hear Michael Angelo’s inspirational talks and live performances.

He’s thankful to his production team led by Chito Francisco, overall creative consultant and writer. To his many friends, among them Bro. Bo Sanchez and recent Papal Awardee Ai-Ai de las Alas. He had a hand in the highest Church honor for lay people received by Ai-Ai.

BROTHER – Michael Angelo was two years short of becoming a priest before leaving the seminary (San Carlos, where he graduated magna cum laude). But then he’s entitled to be called Brother and wear the “sutana” (priestly garb or “habito”).

In all his talks, he impresses on the importance of God in one’s life, humility, gratitude, forgiveness, virtues of hard work and fairness.

He has forgiven all those who’ve hurt him, including his father and TV staff who “took him for a ride” and abused his “ignorance” when he was new in the business. In fact, this Christmas, he wants to reach out to them, “After all, they were with me when ‘#MichaelAngelo’ was just starting.”

By the way, during one of his talks, two ladies approached him. One of them turned out to be the mother of Piolo Pascual and the other Mrs. Lopez, the wife of one of the owners of ABS-CBN, Manolo Lopez. She asked him if he’s interested in hosting for the Kapamilya network. “I’m not closing doors, but I remain loyal to GMA.”

Again, by the way, Bossing Vic Sotto is the current endorser of Chooks to Go, while Alden Richards is next.