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Rody pays homage to Bonifacio

President Duterte has called on Filipinos to emulate the patriotism and courage of revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio in working towards a peaceful and prosperous country.

In a message commemorating the birth of the father of the Katipunan and the Great Plebeian from Tondo, the President paid homage to Bonifacio and expressed hope his sacrifices would inspire others to show love for country.

“May this occasion serve as a reminder for us to live up to the spirit of Bonifacio, whose spirit remains patriotic, unfettered, and independent,” the President said in his Bonifacio Day message.

“Every waking day is an invitation to dedicate our lives for a worthy cause; to uplift the quality of life of our countrymen; and to bring back the pride and honor in our identity as a people,” he added.

The President also urged the public to get involved in community and national issues that affect their lives. He said people should find strength in their collective voice “so that we can know ourselves better and understand our struggles in history.”

“Let us cultivate our capacity to act united and share common aspirations for a peaceful, just, prosperous, and truly free nation,” he said.

The President also recognized that Bonifacio’s life and legacy have inspired countless generations and whose actions have shaped the course of the country’s history.

“It was Bonifacio who dared to lead a mass action that defied the colonial rule and quelled the hunger of a people longing for change,” he said.

He said Bonifacio belongs to the “league of heroes” willing to lay down his life and put aside his own interests to honor the nation and defend it from its enemies. “His courage and love of country served as a guiding torch in the midst of darkness,” said Duterte. (Genalyn Kabiling)

  • cathY

    lagi naman kapakanan natin ang iniisip ni duterte,pagka tiwalaan na lang natin sya.

  • Warge

    babagsak kna dutae,hindi kna tatagal sa pwesto mo.

  • rOn_NiE

    mag tiwala lang tayo sa kakayahan ni duterte na mamuno sa ating bansa.

  • tiago

    respect para sa mga tunay na bayani ng pinas

  • rose

    yun oh! excellent rate yan ang sinasabi ko na good governance si digong

  • benjie

    si duterte ay para sa tao at sa mga naapi kaya nagtiwala lahat sa kanya dahil sa pag asa ng pagbabago na ihahatid nito

  • daisy

    yan ang presidente namin. Di nawawala ang respeto sa mga bayani natin!

  • luke

    Ganyan talaga ang presidente natin! Pagmamahal sa mga bayani ang nauuna!

  • paulo

    ibang klase talaga ang pag galang ni Presidente Duterte!