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Yes, let’s give indies a chance


GIVE IT A CHANCE – This columnist agrees with Tempo entertainment editor Nestor Cuartero when he wrote in his Manila Bulletin column (Moviegoer, Nov. 25, 2016) giving this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival a chance.

“Is it sink or swim? Before then, let’s give the new, empowered filmfest a chance, why not? The lineup of varied film fare, each one new to the eyes and overall experience, looks promising,” Nestor wrote.

You see, this early some people say that MMFF 2016 is “a box-office disaster waiting to happen.”

Don’t be cruel. Give it a chance, wish it well.

DISAGREE – But, but, but, this columnist disagrees with this year’s screening committee-jurors when they made the filmfest an all-indie event. Yes, all eight official entries are indies.

They should have realized that the Christmas-New Year season is largely for children who want to be entertained by general-patronage movies.

Also, this columnist is offended by some showbiz characters who denounced Regal producer Mother Lily Monteverde for being “anti-indie.” Which she never said. What she said was she was unhappy “Chinoy: Mano Po 7” didn’t make it. But she wished the indies good luck and that she respected the decision of the screening committee. Particularly offensive is that foul mouth-loud mouth.

Mother Lily recalled that she produced indies which gave Lav Diaz and Jeffrey Jeturian their directorial breaks.

Remember her “pito-pito” films in the ’80s?

EIGHT ENTRIES – Let’s start with “Kabisera,” topbilled by the Superstar, Nora Aunor and no one else. With JC de Vera and Jason Abalos.

Then there’s “Babae sa Septic Tank 2” starring Eugene Domingo. The first “Septic Tank” is one of the very few indies which made money. Opposite Jericho Rosales.

In no particular order:

“Saving Sally,” with Rhian Ramos, said to be 10 years in the making. Partly animation.

“Die Beautiful,” which gave Paolo Ballesteros the best actor award in Japan and also won the Audience Award.

“Vince and Kath and James,” the big break of Julia Barreto with Ronnie Alonte and Joshua Garcia.

“Seklusyon,” with Neil Ryan Sese, Rhed Bustamante, Phoebe Walker.

“Sunday Beauty Queen,” docu-drama with non-actors.

“Oro” starring Joem Bascon and Irma Adlawan.

So there. But gentle reminder to the people behind those eight indies: Please, please, please promote your entries!