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‘Ika-Anim na Utos’: Life imitates art


TOO CLOSE – Life imitates art in GMA’s “Ika-Anim na Utos,” which airs starting this afternoon, after “Eat Bulaga.”

The plot is close to Sunshine Dizon’s current marital plight, too close for comfort, in a manner of speaking. On national television, Sunshine accused her husband of infidelity. The third party involved is said to be living in the condo she and her husband occupy, on another floor though.

Sunshine was a picture of a woman betrayed, but kept her head high.

Co-starring with Sunshine are Gabby Concepcion as her husband-pilot and Ryza Cenon as the mistress.

Now, Gabby himself has “flirted” with the sixth commandment. Think of all those women in his life. That is in the past, as Gabby’s now happily settled with a non-showbiz lady based in the US.

LESSONS – Sunshine is forever grateful to GMA for giving her challenging, at times, offbeat roles.

Many women, and men, too, can identify with and relate to “Ika-Anim na Utos,” with lots of lessons to teach and learn.

Gabby agrees, “At this point in my career, I want to do a soap with a message. I feel I have that responsibility to the audience.”

By the way, Gabby’s now managed by Popoy Caritativo.

Ryza likes to think that a kept woman, a mistress, has a sympathetic story to tell. “Kung bakit niya ginawa yun.

Mayroon din siyang emosyon, tao lamang din. Nagmamahal lang.”

‘FASHION SHOW’ – The presscon of “Ika-Anim na Utos” had a red carpet.

Sunshine, Gabby, and Ryza were dressed to the nines, red gowns for the ladies and black suit for Gabby, ever handsome.

Sunshine lost a lot of weight, in fighting form, so to speak. Looking good is the best revenge. Ryza was oh so sexy.

They led the virtual “fashion show” of the cast, who were also in formal gowns and suits.

CO-STARS – The co-stars are a mixture of senior and junior stars, veterans and neophytes.

Mike Tan, Rich Asuncion, Daria Ramirez, Marco Alcaraz, Mel Martinez, Arianne Bautista, and the ever lovely Carmen Soriano.

Directed by Laurice Guillen.