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People’s sexy men


‘THE ROCK’ – Last year, People’s sexiest man alive was football superstar David Beckham of England. This year, the honor goes to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 44, Hollywood actor of Polynesian roots. “He’s sweet, smart – sculptured,” says People.

Choice quotes from “The Rock”:

“I’ve learned to not regret things. Everything happens for a reason.”

“We’ve all had hard times. But you’ve got to get back up and laugh at it.”

“When you’re grateful for everything you have, it just leads to happiness.”

“In Polynesian culture, tattooing is a rite of passage. Mine took 60 hours and tells the story of my life.”

“I’ve learned that when you love, you’ve got to love powerfully.”

OTHER SEXY MEN – In the company of: “The Rock” are 144 guys, as named by People.

Highspeed names some of the more familiar faces.

Ryan Reynolds, 40, sexiest masked man.

Orlando Bloom, 39, sexiest boyfriend.

Kit Harington, 29, sexiest comeback.

Nick Jonas, 24, sexiest former teen idol.

Patrick Dempsey, 50, sexiest second act.

Benedict Cumberbatch, 40, sexiest eccentric.

Prince Harry, 32, sexiest royal.

Zac Efron, 28, sexiest crush.

Derek Hough, 31, sexiest dance peg.

Norman Reedus, 41, sexiest tough guy.

Drake, 30, sexiest romantic.

John Krasinki, 37, sexiest family man.

Jason Derulo, 27, sexiest showoff.