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Kim brings Christmas cheer to animals on ‘Matanglawin’

CHRISTMAS is right around the corner and “Matanglawin” will help you celebrate a more colorful and meaningful holiday season tomorrow with Kuya Kim Atienza’s visit to the Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

A well-known animal rights advocate, the award-winning educational program host will give back to man’s best friend by helping disabled animals be able to roam and play again with the help of a wheel.

After giving his furry friends in the shelter a healthy dose of tender loving care, Kuya Kim also gets to play with a 3D printer, a gadget that can make objects using a special plastic, to make fabulous Christmas decor. He will also dress up common decorations we find in our house so prepare your art materials and learn from “Matanglawin” himself. Airs tomorrow, 10 a.m., on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD.