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Fireworks makers thank Rody

The Philippine Fireworks Association has thanked President Duterte for allowing them to manufacture and sell firecrackers during the holiday season this year.

“We deeply appreciate the President’s decision. We express our deep gratitude,” said PFA president Joven Ong.

Ong also revealed that workers in Bulacan’s firecracker industry were elated over the decision of the Department of Labor and Employment to lift a work stoppage order on 48 firecracker stores and factories after they complied with safety standards.

Ong said that the lifting of work stoppage would guarantee employment for thousands of people who rely on firecrackers for livelihood.

The PFA president urged regulatory agencies and law enforcers to follow the presidential directive as well as the department order on the selling and manufacture of fireworks.

“I just got word that some provincial PNP, BFP, and LGU units are not issuing permits which they normally did in the past. The President has already said that he will allow selling this year but it seems that the rest of the people in government didn’t get the directive,” Ong said.

Ong warned that delay in the issuance of permits would allow the public to patronize illegal fireworks.