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Frayna whips Indian in 20 moves

International Master Haridas Pascua and Woman IM Janelle Mae Frayna finished with contrasting results but both ended up gaining rating points to achieve GM and WGM status at the conclusion of the Philippine International Chess Championships at Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel in Zambales Sunday night.

Pascua fell to WGM Lei Tingjie of China in 53 moves of an Symmetrical English Opening while Frayna pulled the rug from under WGM Subbaraman Vijayalakshmi in 20 moves of a Queen’s Pawn Game in the final round as the two finished their campaign by gaining precious rating points.

Pascua wound up in a group at 11th spot with five points to earn 12.4 points and improve from 2401 to 2413.4 while Frayna finished with 4.5 points to gain 3.2 points and see her rating increase to 2323.2 from 2320.

Pascua is eyeing to reach the 2500 rating mark to become the country’s 12th GM while Frayna is looking to breach the 2400 plateau to emerge the Phl’s first ever GM and and men’s IM title-holder.