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Doing well in the US


DOING WELL – Weeks back, Highspeed focused on US-based stars who have fallen on hard times. The reaction was, “How sad! What happened?

But then this column also got feedback on stars who are doing well in the Land of Milk and Honey.

Here are some of them.

Susan Valdez is working as a nurse in New York City. Heard she is (was?) married to a French chef.

Another nurse, Princess Punzalan, is doing well in California.

Edna Diaz lives a good life in New Jersey, where Baby Delgado is also happily based.

The brothers Muñoz, Leandro, Carlo, and Angelo are okay in LA, according to their mother Pat.

Lew Soratorio and Amalia Braza run a homecare in LA.

Lirio Vital is content wife (to a US Navy) and mother in Hawaii.

Krista Ranillo is happy wife (to a retail-store magnate) and three (or is it four?) kids. Parents Archie Ranillo and Lynda Tupaz are with Krista.

Jojit Paredes and Symoun Soler are employed in an ambulance-service company, where Michael de Mesa used to work.

Josephine Estrada has a catering business in Virginia.

Vilma Valera, Miriam Jurado, Aura Aurea, and Lalaine Bennett are retired in San Francisco.

Hilda Koronel and Melanie Marquez lead fulfilled lives in LA and Utah, respectively.

Jet Montelibano, Fe de los Reyes, and Eva Caparas still perform all over California.

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO…No news about Myrna Delgado, Kristine Garcia, Sofia Moran, Bert Leroy Jr., Ronald Bregendahl and the other children of Rita Gomez. How about their Aunt Cely?

Heard that Greggy Liwag has long been divorced with Cita Capuyon. Heard though that Jessica Rodriguez and David Bunevacz are still together.

How about Raul Aragon, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Cecilia Lopez, Norma Ledesma, Bob Soler, JV Villar, Ihman Isturko, Michael Laygo, Mary Ann Murphy, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Dolly Fuentes, Jane Mamangon, Cleo Cruz, Billy Castelvi and Jean Lopez, Paolo Romero, Letty Liboon, Evelyn Villar (aunt of former Senate President Manny Villar), Marlene Dauden, Gandong Cervantes, Dante Varonas, Efren Piñon, Blanca Gomez, Anjanete Abayari.

Gone are Lolita Rodriguez, Norma Vales, Rosa del Rosario, Renato del Prado, Manny Fernandez, Carol Varga.